live music avant garde improvisational trio recordings|
syncanonymous new web site nearly ready
piki chappell- cello/surrealistic violin/bass/voice/keys/
electric salad (bowl(ing))|
kerry garloff (R.I.P. April, 2011)- roland drum pad|
todd reitzell- guitar|
tandy pzm mics recorded direct to DAT with cassette deck preamp|
gigs from 1993+94 usa northern california café(s):
this/santa rosa| espace/san francisco| brickhouse/petaluma|
musical rushes for your enjoyment|
check out the first 2hrs of our perfomance from Sept. 4th, 1993|
listeners'll be flying a bit blind with this windows media player widget| new web site w/jplayer playlist interface coming very soon|